Hoarding Clean Up

Hoarding clean upHoarding is the act of collecting a large number of items (papers, flyers, newspapers, clothes, etc.) that appear to have no or little value. The problem can become so severe that the occupant of the home is left with very little place to actually sit or walk. The hoader will form “pathways” in their home so they can walk amidst the items they collect. Items that are collected by hoarders become dusty and moldy. Rodents such as mice and rats create nests in the piles of debris. The debris becomes contaminated with rodent feces, mold and dust. Often, rotten food items are found throughout the debris along with dangerous items such as used hypodermic needles that may have been inadvertently picked up by the hoarder.

Cleaning up a hoarding situation is a hazardous job, and to minimize risk it is important to follow proper cleaning protocols. We will intervene in hoarding situations. We ensure the residence is completely clean and disinfected. We will restore the home to “like new.” Visit the Toronto Hoarding and Extreme Cleaning website for more details.