Total Home Purification

Total Home PurificationToronto Mold Removal Services offers a total house cleaning package to ensure the air quality is not compromised. Our team will complete a total cleaning which will dramatically improve air quality in your family home. We will take the following steps:

  • Clean all floors, ceilings and walls with a specialized HEPA vacuum system – moving all furniture to access these areas
  • Clean all your furniture, electronic equipment and soft surfaces with a HEPA vacuum system
  • Clean all your shelves, along with carefully moving and cleaning all items on the shelves such as books and decorative items.
  • Cleaning all ceiling fans
  • Cleaning inside cupboards and the top of all your cupboards
  • Sterilizing all drains and floor drain in the basement
  • Damp clean down all of your walls, surfaces, cupboards, and thoroughly clean floors
  • Vacuum all vents in your home and replace filters for your furnace, dehumidifier system. Clean your bathroom vents and ensure they work effectively.
  • Clean all mattresses in your home with a HEPA vacuum system
  • Vacuum all carpeted surfaces and rugs with a HEPA vacuum
  • Professionally cleaning your HVAC system to eliminate dust and debris in your vents. Also an antibacterial spray will be applied to destroy bacteria and fungus that grows within this system system.

When the Toronto Mold Removal Team completes this extensive cleaning job your home will look spotless, dust free and you will enjoy the peace of mind of breathing clean air.